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Basic Fragrances

Allspice Dewberry Neroli
Almond                             Eucalyptus Orange Marmalade
Angel Wings Evergreen Orange Peel
Apple Blossom                 Floral Bouquet Oriental Bouquet
Apple Juice (Red) Flower Child Patchouli
Apple Green Frangipanni Patchouli Rose
Apple Pie Frankinchouli Patchouli Sands
Apple Freesia Peach
Apricot French Vanilla Pear
Arctic Ice Fruitopia Peppermint
Bahama Mama Fuzzy Navel Pina Colada                     
Banana Garcia's Choice Pine                                  
Banzai Blast Gardenia Pineapple
Basil Geranium Pink Grapefruit
Bayberry Gingerbread Powdered Patchouli
Bedroom Spice Goombay Blast Pumpkin Pie
Bergamot Grape Purple Passion
Birch Grapefruit Rain Forest
Black Cherry Harley Dreams Rain
Black Coconut Hawaiian White Ginger Raspberry
Blackberry Heaven Relaxation
Blue Lagoon Herbal Mint Rose
Blueberry Herbal Rain Rosemary
Burning Hemp Herbal Sage
Cactus Flower Honeydew Samurai Sunset
Candy Apple Honeysuckle Sandal Rose
Carnation Hyacinth Sandalwood
Cedarwood Jamaican Spice Sandman
Chamomile Jasmine Sea Breeze
Cherry Almond Juniper Berry Sea Spray
Cherry Rose Junkanoo Joy Juice Serenity
Cherry Vanilla Kitchen Spice Spiced Apple
Cherry Lavender Rose Spring Bouquet
Chocolate Banana Lavender Strawberry Rose
Chocolate Chip Mint Leather Strawberry Vanilla
Chocolate Chip Lemon Strawberry
Chocolate Raspberry Lemon Lime Stress Relief
Christmas Brew Lilac Summer Breeze
Christmas Lily of the Valley Sweet Dreams
Cinn-Apple Lime Tea Rose
Cinnaberry Lotus Tea Tree
Cinnamon Magic Touch of Gray
Citronella Magnolia Tranquility
Clary Sage Mango Tropical Rain
Clove Marjoram Tulip
Cocomango Meditation Vanilla Mocha
Coconut Melon Ball Vanilla Spice
Cold Care Merlin's Magic Vanilla
Coffee Bean Miami Ice Victorian Rose
Country Spice Mint Violet
Cranberry Money Watermelon
Creamsicle Money Attracting Wet Kiss
Cucumber Morning Mist Wild Cherry
Cucumber Melon Muguet Wild Flowers
Cypress Mulberry Wisteria
Dark Sandalwood Mystick Nights Ylang Ylang
Dead Head Heaven        
Desert Flower        
Desert Sage        

Designer Type Fragrances

African Musk Enchanted Forest Paul Sebastian Type 
African Queen  Erotica Perry Ellis 360 Type
African Violet Escape Type (M) Pheremone Type
Aldene's Musk Escape Type (W) Pleasures Type
Allure Type Eternity Type (M) Poison Type
Amber Eternity Type (W) Polo Sport Type (M)
Amber Musk Fairy Dust Polo Sport Type (W)
Ambrosia Fantasia Polo Type
Ancient Mystery Fast Money Rain Fresh
Angel Dreams Frankincense Red Door Type
Anne Klein Frankincense & Myrrh Red Type (M)
Aphrodisiac Gucci Envy Type Red Type (W)
Arabian Sandalwood Guess Type Romance Type
Arabian White Musk Hot Love Safari Type
Baby Powder Hugo Boss Type Samsara Type
Baby Powder Musk Indian Moon Secret Garden
Beautiful Type Intuition Sex on the Beach
Beverly Hills 273 Invigorating Sex on the Beach with a Buddy
Bijan Type Jasmine Musk Sex on the Moon
Biker's Patchouli Jazz Type Shalimar Type
Black Essence Jolly Rancher Type Shaman
Black Gold Joop Type (M) 60's Patchouli
Black Love Joop Type (M) Somali Rose
Black Magic Jovan Musk Type Spellbound Type
Black Water Jungle Fever Strawberry Musk
Blue Nile Kush Type Strawberry Rose
Bump and Grind Lagerfeld Type Sunflowers Type
Butt Naked Latin Lover Sweet Love
Cherry Musk Leather & Lace Sweet Musk
Cherry Opium Type Love Attracting Sweet Nuts
China Musk Love Sweet Smell of Success
China Rain Mawa Sweet Summer Rain
Chloe Narsisse Type Michael Jordan Type Tommy Girl Type
Ciarra Musk Midnight Lover Tommy Hilfinger Type
Ciarra Type Musk Unforgettable Type
CK-1 Type Myrrh Uplifting
CK-Be Type Nag Champa Type Vanilla Musk
Clean & Fresh Type Narcissus Vanilla Melon
Cool Water Type (M) Nature Root Versace Type
Cool Water Type (W) Nautica Type Victoria's Secret Type
Desert Rain Nefertiti VisionQuest
Design Type Night Bloom White Diamonds Type
Desire Night Queen White Linen Type
DKNY Type Night Spell White Nile
Donna Karan Type (M) Norel Type White Shoulders Type
Dragon's Blood Obsession Type (M) Witch Doctor
Drakkar Type Obsesion Type (W) Wings Type
Ebony & Ivory Ombre Rose Type Zen
Egyptian Goddess Opium Type    
Egyptian Musk Passion Musk    
Egyptian Red Musk Passion Type    

Metaphysical Blends

Air Aquarius Ancient Shrines
Earth Aries Arch Druid
Fire Cancer Cavern Treasures
Moon Capricorn Circle of Flame
Sun Gemini Crystal Temple
Water Leo Crystal Woodlands
    Libra Dark Huntress
    Pisces Desert Nights
    Sagittarius Enchantress
    Scorpio Great Goddess
    Taurus High Priestess
    Virgo Sacred Garden
        Sacred Shield
        Spell Weaver
        Star Daughter
        Sun Gold
        The Phoenix
        Vision Seeker